Marilyn Marchese

Certified Inner Healing & Relationship Coach

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Self-Employed | North Carolina

“Marilyn’s gentle, yet powerful questions, lead straight to the truth. Her ability to help uncover what is already inside of you is efficient and accurate.

Her Prophetic insight and personal walk with Jesus enable her to help you to narrow your options and to boldly explore the way forward... the way to the solution, answer, decision, or clarity that you desire.”


Self-Employed | Washington

“I always look forward to my coaching time with Marilyn! Over the last year, she has become a safe and encouraging confidante in my life. I can count on her to help me identify core heart issues that drive unwanted behaviors in my life. She gently, yet firmly, challenges mindsets I have embraced that limit my ability to move forward confidently. Through her coaching, I’m learning to align what I say I believe with how I show up in important situations in my personal and professional life. I have become a stronger, more intentional and focused wife, mom, friend and co-worker.”


Graduate Student | New Jersey

“Marilyn’s coaching has made a major difference in my life. She has helped me transform a self-condemning mindset into an acceptance and empowering mindset toward myself. Her coaching sessions are exciting and well-planned and she knows how to get right to the heart of the matter. As a result of her coaching, I dream bigger, I’m more motivated and have more patience in my overall life!”


New Jersey

“Marilyn is a truly dedicated professional. She genuinely cares about your well-being.”